Watch: Live 9 In A Closer Look
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Watch: Live 9 In A Closer Look

…from someone lucky enough to get to play with it. What would I want anything else other than Live 9 and Push this year. Stop teasing us and roll the device already! Anyway just to keep our saliva from dripping Tom Cosm shot a video on how he would use Ableton 9.

Now how did he get his hands on a copy again?

Anyway, it’s a 44 minutes video so by the end you’d pretty much know what you can expect from the new software (more or less…). One of the more interesting feature shown here would be the new ability to extract anything, i.e. groove and melody from any sound source and into a MIDI!

So with this thing built in you would be able to get, uhm, ‘inspirations’ from loops or even existing tracks. Which I promise you is what everyone does (and none admits) out there but this just makes things easier for us.

Go Ableton.


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