Pleasurekraft: Favorite Music Videos of All Time
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Pleasurekraft: Favorite Music Videos of All Time

Kaveh of  Pleasurekraft has been kind enough to rummage through Youtube and pull out his favorite music videos of all time. This is definitely an entertaining list with some serious nostalgic gems!
Pleasurekraft made it big with their hit Tarantula in 2010 and since then have had other big releases and have remixed many big names including Nervo, Umek and Christian Cambos and Sneaky Sound System to name a few.
On January 28th their American Hustle EP with Jaceo and Vedic beign released on Beatport.

Jai Paul – “Jasmine” [Unofficial Video]

You wouldn’t think that a love song and imagery of the Vietnam war as portrayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film “Apocalypse Now” would ever go together – but this Youtube user did a great job of editing scenes from the film and making one of the best fan music videos I have ever seen. It helps that the song is fucking gorgeous.
Nine Inch Nails – “Closer” [Official Video – Director’s Cut]
MTV refused to air the original director’s cut of this video (hence why you have to sign in to YouTube to prove you’re old enough to watch this video) – but you can see it in all its glory here. Most of the imagery in the video is taken from the brilliant photographer Joel Peter Witkin – whose work will certainly leave most people uneasy – but the emotion it elicits is undeniable. This is discomfort at its best.
Aphex Twin – “Windowlicker” [Official Video]
Nothing like a 10 minute music video that is a smart and incredibly artistic parody of all rap music videos put together.  Directed by Chris Cunningham who also did Bjork’s “All is Full of Love”,
Squarepusher’s “Come on my Selector”,  – ,

as well as Leftfield’s “Afrika Shox”,

which is a bit later in this list, he may quite possibly be the greatest music video director of all time.The other video form Chris Cunningham on this list – his ability to create indelible images with his videos is unrivaled in my personal opinion.

Foo Fighters –  “Everlong” [Official Video]

Directed by frenchman Michel Gondry – who went on to direct “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – it’s clear that the topic of dreams are an important part of his art. The video is not only fun – but from a creative level – just incredible. His ability to create special effects organically and not rely on CGI as a crutch is uncanny.
His other videos for Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar”,  –
“Let Forever Be”,
or even Daft Punk’s infamous “Around the World”

are all testaments to this guy’s talent. Although its not a music video per se – his Levi’s 501 ad that he did that never got aired because it was considered too provocative definately deserves a viewing – and wait for that great ending and pay attention.

The Drill – “The Drill”
This last one is just pure unadulterated fun after all those much more serious videos – but again goes to show – not all club tracks need to have boring or cheesy videos!!
Catch Pleasurekraft in Melbourne at Revolver 20/1/13


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