James Zabiela’s Pioneer Platinum Edition Joy Ride
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James Zabiela’s Pioneer Platinum Edition Joy Ride

Pioneer has forged a special bond with James Zabiela for the simple fact that JZ’s skills and Pioneer’s equipment make beautiful music together. The perfect guinea pig for testing new DJ technology, Zabiela has actually assisted with developing Pioneer concepts and equipment through his boundlessly creative turntablism. What better way to advertise the new Platinum Limited Edition of their flagship CDJ-2000Nexus CD turntable, DJM-900Nexus mixer and RMX-1000 remix station than by letting James loose LIVE in the Pioneer DJ Lab.

A modest mad scientist, Zabs introduces himself for his test drive shyly — “Everyone, I’m James” — before shredding the decks with frenzied fingers and fun, flawless 125 bpm precision, with 35 controls at his disposal on each player. It’s quite a “cheeky” video as he himself called it on Twitter. In his signature melodious concoction of scratches, hiccups, drum kicks and bass (plus a few sprinkles of fairy dust on top) JZ demonstrates the power of Pioneer gear when used to its highest capacity. In the video you’ll hear a snippet of his new production “" target="_blank">The Healing” (and as evidenced by the t-shirt — big ups to his homies at 50Weapons).

According to Engadget, the shiny new turntables, mixer and remix station are very similar to the “non-platinum” versions as far as nuts and bolts go, but the allure is all in the delivery. As you lose yourself in the double J-Zizzle vision on the tables as he mixes, you know that super reflective chrome glitz is a visually strategic selling point for the DJs personally. Flaire matters!

If you’re interested in treating yourself, the Platinum Edition system is due out in February, and to add to the squeal-factor of any brand new, shiny object, it’s shipping in limited quantities. The chrome finish will only be available in 4,000 CDJ-2000Nexus units and in 2,000 of each of the DJM-900Nexus and RMX-1000. So start cashing in all that chump change you’ve been saving because these babies cost a pretty penny — the Platinum set as a whole will be going for about $8,499 while the Platinum RMX-1000-M alone will be $1199 suggested retail.


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