FREE: Baauer – ‘Live For The Funk’ Mix
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FREE: Baauer – ‘Live For The Funk’ Mix

If there is one thing BAAUER can definitely do, it is drop musical bombs. The young gun from Brooklyn has come out with an insane mix for LFTF (Live For The Funk) which is riddled with killer clubs tracks, trap anthems and a touch of WACKA FLOCKA amidst it all.

This FREE TO DOWNLOAD mix stretches for a sturdy 28 minutes, laced with killer tracks including BAAUER’s own ‘DUmDUm’ and ‘Harlem Shake’ as well as the classic Flossradamas x Major Lazer trap anthem, ‘Original Don’.

It is safe to say this mix will have you feeling like you’ve just partaken in a sweaty, bassy and very trappy¬†BAAUER gig in some grungy underground NY nightclub – and that is not a bad thing!

Have a listen for yourself!

Baauer Mix For LFTF


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