Deadmau5 Porsche

What do you get a mau5 man that has everything? It seems a $100,000 Porsche thanks to finance Kat Von D for the Deadmau5's 32nd birthday!

The something-or-other b-grade celebrity surprised her man on the day with the black sportscar wrapped up with a pink bow. A snapshot on Instagram shows the Mau5 sitting in the Porsche with a big grin with the sweet message "I can't think of anyone who deserves this more than Joel #happybirthday #imsoscarednow"

Better yet is in the background of the snap is the black Bentley parked in the garage!

Anyway, all this really stresses is your girlfriend will probably never buy you a Porsche so be happy with your jeans, socks and mediocre blowjobs.

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