Deadmau5 2013 live show set to be “mind-blowing”
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Deadmau5 2013 live show set to be “mind-blowing”

The engaged Canadian producer Deadmau5 is set to tour a new explosive show for 2013 but what exactly will be in the live show?

To explain best, the mau5 man who almost lit a dj booth on fire summed the new show up as “A 100,000-watt visual mind-fuck on crack,” “It was tied perfectly to mind-blowing lights and a visual display like I’ve never seen before and all the while there was a bopping yellow mau5 head symmetrically centered in the booth.”

If 2012 was anything to go by, i’m pretty sure audiences are set to possibly be blinded by the visual displays that will be on offer. Did anyone see his full building visual display he did with Nokia Lumia?


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