Deadly ecstasy pills surface in the UK
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Deadly ecstasy pills surface in the UK

It’s being reported by Police in the UK that three men in the have died from a suspected ‘bad batch’ of ecstasy pills.

The patients were admitted to the Greater Manchester and Liverpool Hospitals sometime between Sunday and Monday but sadly died during treatment.

Adding to the vagueness Police have released a statement outlining that the ‘bad’ pills are heart shaped and could come in the colours purple, yellow, green and blue adding “If you are suffering adverse effects after taking one of these tablets I would advise you to go to hospital for a check up.”

Not taking anything away from the seriousness of the issue but it seems like the authority are running their own agenda having blamed ecstasy pills without an official autopsy – you shouldn’t die from such a small quantity of real MDMA, and the general details surrounding the deaths – why would someone press that many colours for a single ‘batch’?

Taking the control out of the hands of the black market and into the hands of a regulated body would not only create a safer environment but be a taxable income for state or federal governments.

When will the war on drugs end? Clearly it isn’t working and we need to look at alternatives!


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