Billboard release ‘EDM’ only chart, guess who currently tops it?
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Billboard release ‘EDM’ only chart, guess who currently tops it?

Billboard magazine have debuted a new ‘Dance/Electronic Songs’ chart that is specifically compromised of EDM releases.

Who’s currently topping the chart? Will.I.Am and Britney Spears of course… two artists with decades of experience in dance and electronic music right?

When trying to wrap our brains around how the Black Eyed Peas singer managed to find his way to the top isn’t really helped by the vague and washy reason given by Billboard themselves for any songs inclusion  – “titles eligible for the chart will be determined based on the song’s core sound and tempo.”

What it does come down to when compiling the charts is four main deciding factors – digital sales, the number of radio plays, data streaming and an ‘esteemed panel of 140 club DJs’ who will report their playlists to Billboard.

We’d love to see some transparency as to these ‘esteemed panel’ of DJs to really understand where they are coming from and probably reasoning to what’s topping the list as well as a little more clarification past that of a songs ‘core sound and tempo’.

Will.I.Am currently shares the chart with other dance-pop crossovers Calvin Harris, David Guetta, PSY, Ne-Yo, Pittbull and Swedish House Mafia – all of which leave us both scratching our heads and trying to swallow that vomit.


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