Bam Margera To DJ In Australia?
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Bam Margera To DJ In Australia?

Bam Margera, Jackass ringleader, having had multiple MTV shows following his wild and reckless antics over the past 10 years, has taken an interesting turn in his career!

Adding to the list of ridiculous celebrity DJ’s over the last 12 months Bam joins the likes of Hulk Hogan, Elijah Wood & Paris Hilton, as he is set to play a “Jackass DJ Set” at the opening at Ding Dong Lounge (Melbourne) new night “Recreation” on the 17th of Jan.

I guess it’s the obvious thing to do whilst doing a tour of live dangerous stunts… Why not? I mean everyone else is doing it right?

It is a little embarrassing, and so is this trend of the famous attempting to DJ. Granted sometimes it can be quite the novelty event, but hey, if anything they draw crowds right?


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