AVICII’s laptop and hard drives stolen
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AVICII’s laptop and hard drives stolen

The man behind one of the most popular, yet annoying (well it is annoying now) songs to hit the world of EDM, AVICII a.k.a Tim Bergling , has been robbed of his laptop which was home to numerous unfinished  tracks that the Swedish producer did not back up!

The producer behind the club hit ‘Levels‘ took to his Twitter account to air out his frustration over the incident, saying:

“My computer was stolen along with project files to 8 brand new tracks ive been playin. And no backup.”

Luckily, for the seemingly unlucky AVICII, he is not in the dark over who took the laptop! saying:

“I know the guy who did it because of cameras and stuff but he still wont confess and give back what he took. This is so fn annoying.”

Annoying indeed, but a serious lesson for our Swedish brother! I mean why would his laptop – with all of his top secret and precious tracks – be in a postion to be stolen in the first place? Where was the security?

Its safe to say if AVICII does retrieve his laptop from the robber, he will never take his eyes off it again.

Good luck in the search Tim!


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