INPUT is a sharing-ground of information for up-coming music producers to not only learn from but also engage with a guest lineup of producers and key players in the independent industry.

Short presentations, performances and Q&A’s covering production techniques and industry pathways, with the goal of strengthening and supporting local talent as they emerge.

Presenters for the first INPUT event of 2013:

PRODUCERS Elizabeth Rose (Grizzly UK/Inertia)
The Finger Prince (Motorik)
Gloves (Bang Gang 12s)
The Francis Inferno Orchestra (FINA)

INDUSTRY Motorik Record Label - Angus Gruzman
Ableton - Adam Maggs
Stoney Roads - Andrew Cotman & Dave Ross

DATE: Saturday, February 9 2013
TIME: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
LOCATION: FBi Social, Kings Cross
PRESENTED BY: Ableton Liveschool