WATCH: Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures
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WATCH: Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

“Tiny Tortures” from the Until The Quiet Comes Album

Flying Lotus‘ subtle percussions and astral melodies somehow fit perfectly with the strangest video imagery. Picture your favorite hobbit in a new role, as a dejected athlete who’s tragically lost his pitching arm. Either out of depression or excessive pill popping he has a vivid hallucination that the objects in his room animate, defy gravity and collectively assemble into a bionic arm. Then he’s transported to a dream world, where his missing limb materializes out of the acid inspired, rainbow ethers. But he eventually wakes up to find a fork and spoon protruding from his wounded stump. Despite this gruesome “reality,” he smiles.

Directed by David Lewandowski, with cinematograhy by Christian Sprenger, the whole concept of the “Tiny Tortures” video is incredible and entirely unexpected. It also flawlessly accomplishes what most music videos don’t even attempt to do, which is pairing the song so perfectly with a visual narrative that neither is able to overshadow the other, but instead exist as equal parts.

The camera’s pace and the “story” are perfect complements to the rhythm of the song. It begins with haunting, lonely drum beats, and picks up speed as Elijah’s world falls apart (or together?), especially the moment when he opens his eyes into the psychedelic dream world, where his arm magically reappears. The ending offers an interesting comment on the frailty of the human body, and the infinitude of the mind.

This one is definitely worth multiple viewings in full screen mode.

If you want more visual stimulation set to Flying Lotus, check one of his older videos for “MmmHmm” — otherwordly is an understatment:


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