Warning: Paris Back Behind The Decks In India
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Warning: Paris Back Behind The Decks In India

We thought this mistake was solved after fail number 1 in Brazil. Apparently history does repeat itself as Paris plugged in for another pre-made mix on the subcontinent. Her last showing in Sao Paulo gained heavy criticism from electronic fans worldwide. Even her former boy-toy and EDM superstar Afrojack called the set a major failure. As she danced behind the mixer aimlessly turning knobs, the world saw possibly the worst main stage performance yet. At one point during her set, dj backup was seen fixing mixing fouls. How is she back? We have no idea, but it cant be good.

Her return happens to be at Goa Fashion week, a city known for psychedelic groove and true dance fans. At a fashion event the crowd looks to be filled with tossers who loved to see the hotel heiress play recorded Top 40s. Via this video posted on her YouTube we can imagine this go was just as bad. As the comments show, the world does not want Dj Paris. This dance disaster must be stopped and now, who’s up for the challenge?


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