Tom Demac – Little Bits That Matter EP
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Tom Demac – Little Bits That Matter EP

It’s hard to imagine Tom Demac as a young heavy-metal rager, a hardcore raver, or mad scientist tooling in his parents’ Wales hotel basement as his artistic maturation crystallized into the delicate synths and intoxicating melodies of his latest EP, “Little Bits That Matter.” But as the title suggests, every tiny piece of the process is crucial in achieving a style to call your own.

2012 has been his year for debuts, after releasing “Obstructing the Light” on Glass Table, the massively ominous dub track “" target="_blank">Critical Distance Part 2” on Hypercolour, an acclaimed live set on the Boiler Room, and even starting his own imprint, Electronique Audio, for more experimental releases with a mission to “Avoid the ever present ‘sea of mediocrity'” and “Break the mold.”

The title track of his new EP is both romantic and haunting, layered with breathy panting and Phil Kay’s ambrosial vocals, the stunning production stands out among the 3-track release from Polish-based Catz N Dogz’s Pets Recordings. “Tanners” has a subdued disco groove that is both sultry and fun, and the final track “Rain of Colour” is a journey into Demac’s experimental zone, with plucking chords and and reverberating basslines.


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