The Aftermath of DJ Shadow being kicked off the decks
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The Aftermath of DJ Shadow being kicked off the decks

The aftermath of Mansion nightclub’s incident involving kicking DJ Shadow off the decks has produced some results that will please fans that missed out on what they came for that night.

Interestingly Mansion nightclub have held back from releasing a statement or anything leaving them lying with egg on their face as the dance music community rubbishes their establishment. This may have come after their poor PR that they broiled on to our platform back when Dennis Ferrer got kicked off. (now long deleted)

DJ Shadow commented on Twitter after the incident with some statements in regards to when he was kicked off

“Ironically it was drum and bass that broke the camel’s back(!) Note to self…play more drum and bass!!!”

“Or maybe it was all the trap & juke that preceded it…I dunno. I’ll get the set up on soundcloud soon so every1 can enjoy. Happy Holidays!”

So DJ Shadow will be sharing his set for the masses shortly for this festive season!


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