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Mario Basanov

Stoney Roads recently caught up with the Lithuanian based disco producer to chat influences, small talk, and Australia.

SR – As a purveyor of the nu-disco/deep house sound, whom are some the artists that inspired you and who do you feel is making quality music at the moment?

MB – There are a lot of my favorite producers, who have their own quality of sound, for example Metro Area. In my opinion they create an exceptionally high quality of nu-disco and this sounds like truly new disco. Also I like Owusu & Hanninibal. They create music more like Tube-Analog. This is what I always look for in my own production. I admire Andre Lodemann. His music is very deep and all arrangements are carefully selected. There are more good producers but these are my favorites.

SR – Stoney Roads is an Australian-based electronic music blog and we would love to know a bit more about the Vilnius electronic music scene. Are there any particular clubs or promoters doing good things in your home town and what other Lithuanian producers are you feeling?

MB – After the recession many popular clubs in Vilnius have been closed. Here artists like Jazzanova, Dixon, Gilles Peterson used to play. However though, I would like to emphasize a club, which is open now and, in my opinion, propagates “true” music – this is the music club “Opium”. A lot of new well known DJs play here: Andre Lodemann, Marcus Worgull, Revenge. These DJs normally play at the parties, which are famous for their good quality and full dance floor.
There are a lot of good producers and DJs in Lithuania. There is a great project called “Downtown Party Network”. They are not only amazing producers but also DJs. In addition I could also mention “Darius Vaikas“and „Few Nolder”.  I believe that these above mentioned people represent Vilnius house music scene.

SR – Tell us a bit about your upcoming album Journey, is it a sign of the times or more of an album which represents you as an artist? and do you feel like it’s a continuation of the vibes on tracks like Changed (Mario & Vidis)?

MB – I have been producing for 15 years however, only now I feel like I have gathered enough experience, music material and ideas in order to release my own album. This album is a real journey – it has its beginning – prelude and the end. There will be a lot of new songs in the album. Some of them have already been released but in the album they will sound differently. New arrangements have been created specially for this album. The album consists of two CDs. In addition there will be two vinyls with extended versions, which are dedicated to DJs. Also the album will be released in a digital version. At the moment I am preparing for the Live show, which is dedicated to present the new album. A great artist Monica Liu (Monika Liubinaite) will be assisting me.

SR – Some of your most successful tracks and many new ones in the album feature vocalists, are there any other vocalists out there who you would dream of working with?

MB – I believe that the most successful creations are Mario & Vidis ft. Ernesto – Changed. This is played by the big group of DJs: Sasha, Soul Clap, Ellen Alien etc. In my album you can hear creations together with the following vocals: Miss Bee, Minalga, Edwin Williamson, Athena Radford, Stee Downes, Rahjwanti, Jazzu. They did vocals and also wrote the lyrics. There are a lot of artists with whom I would like to make songs and this is only the question of when now.

SR – Any plans for an Australian tour any time soon?

MB – One of my biggest dreams is to visit and play in Australia. At the moment my managers are undergoing negotiations and I think that quite soon I will be able to fulfill my dream.

SR – Tell us a bit about your musical background, have you been working in a studio based environment for a long time?

MB – I have been producing for 15 years. I have visited a lot of studios. A few years I worked with a great cellist Vytautas Sondeckis. Together we worked on a project, called „Wagner Remixes“. Bugge Wesseltoft, Brian Eno and others also contributed. However, in the end I decided to stay in Lithuania.

SR – Stoney Roads readers recently listed your remix of Tyson‘s “Mr Rain” as track of the week. How did it feel to do the remix and is Tyson someone that you would consider working with again?

MB – One day I received an offer from my manager to do a remix. I was thrilled when I heard whose song I will be remixing. I have heard his work before. I was impressed by his vocals and also in addition, he is one of the vocalists, with whom I wanted to work. I think that this remix is very well done because constantly I get good feedback on it.

SR – Last but not least, have you got any favourite Australian producers you would like to give a shout out to?

MB – Yes. There is a one project, which I heard 15 years ago for the first time – „Pnau – Sambanova“. At that time they inspired me and I think that if I got an opportunity now, I would definitely like to work with them.

Be sure to grab Mario Basanov’s stunning debut album Journey, out on now on digital and vinyl via London based imprint Need Want.
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