Skrillex Plays The End Of The World Party On A Mayan Temple
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Skrillex Plays The End Of The World Party On A Mayan Temple

Of course, wonder boy Sonny Moore has to be the biggest and best at everything. With the end of the world coming soon he seems to been planning an exit in true next level style. We all know the Mayan calendar ends this Saturday with the apocalypse striking on 12/21/2012. The Mayans were proven to be far ahead of their time shown by advancements in technology and science unheard of for an ancient civilization. The end of time as we know it in their opinion is this week, so in a few days we will really see how accurate they are.

Skrills deceided to take his chances in the heart of the ancient civilization. With a Mexico tour planned conveniently around the same time, Sonny and freinds will drop beats for the apocolypse. Along with close homies Zedd, 12th Planet, and Nadastrom the Mothership may just lift off at the base of a Mayan pryamid.

The whole situation seems pretty trippy based on all of the folklore surrounding Mayan culture. These guys ate beating hearts and predicted the future, not to mention being shrouded in gold and massive temples. This mixed with team Owsla dubstep is sure to create some vortex in the space time continuum. Who knows what will happen, but at the very least we will probably hear about some thousand year old Mayan magic going down in tune to dubstep.


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