Operation Condor raid at nightclub in Brick Lane
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Operation Condor raid at nightclub in Brick Lane

Now let us watch it to the Benny Hill theme.

So on the 7th of December the mix of tourists from the Iberian peninsula and Essex (whose tans ironically match) were shocked to see this happen to their beloved 93 Feet East on Brick Lane in London. Yes, there are way too many police for this to look like it would be a worth while exercise but in all honesty this is not what it looks like. Firstly this is just David Cameron and Boris Johnson trying to rally support by ‘tackling’ what is seen as an area rife for binge drinking and drug taking. Secondly, that club is a complete dive and is no loss to the area and all those coppers being in there is probably the most packed it has been in years. DJ’s who have been playing there recently have been heard leaving disgruntled as the club wasn’t paying people properly and the bouncers would do the dirty work for the owners who were clearly losing money.

This place was half the reason so many people hate on brick lane, it was on its way down and to top it off rumors of them not paying their license fee was the final straw to add to the reputation it had established as a coke fueled, unfriendly, money scrounging shit hole. Add to this a plethora of social faux pars such as playing pumping house tunes at two in the afternoon and selling bottles of beer for four quid (although that has become the norm), and it becomes surprising that this didn’t happen sooner.

Having said all of that, they weren’t the only club to be hit with raids last Friday. According to The Guardian, ‘Police made almost 300 arrests and seized 61 vehicles and substantial amounts of tobacco and alcohol during a 48-hour crackdown on licensed premises across the capital. Nearly 4,000 officers raided clubs, pubs, off-licences and shops in London.’ Licencing laws have gone mad since the introduction of 24 hour drinking so this was probably for the best. I know I don’t like seeing people falling over on Osbourne street at 9 am on a Saturday morning.

Oh and here is a video of a ‘mini riot’ that occurred a while ago just outside the club in question, it was during an American Apparel pop up shop. (The guy gets away… not) F*CK THE POLICE lol.

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