The festive season always gets us party goers merry, and what better way to kick-off the festivities than a sneaky preview of DILLON FRANCIS'  killer remix of 'Like Home' by NICKY ROMERO & NERVO.

This early yet delightful Christmas present from FRANCIS takes this relatively young track out of the grasp of its owners and slaps a devious and trademark DILLON FRANCIS sound on it, which-judging by the preview itself- will indefinitely give this tune a higher standing in my book.

The jumpy, energetic Luvstep drop that FRANCIS incorporates is definitely what the original track depserately needed to take things to the next level!

But when does DILLON FRANCIS ever disappoint?

Check out this bangin' DILLON FRANCIS' Remix as well as a few other Remixes that push this song for all its worth!

Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix) (preview)

Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home (Dannic Remix) (preview)

Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home (Gregor Salto) (preview)

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