Grammys, ‘Best Dance Music Recording’ Nominees 2013
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Grammys, ‘Best Dance Music Recording’ Nominees 2013

Cool, so Grammy nominations are in and the ‘Best Dance Music Recording’ section is about as naft as you can get.

As expected Avicii’s 2012 anthem “Levels” made the cut as did Calvin Harris, Skrillex again following last years win, Swedish House Mafia and a relatively unknown producer Al Walser (we’ll get onto that later).

Remember Deadmau5 trolling Skrillex last year?

Who can we expect to win this year? We’ve got 2:1 odds that Avicii’s hit “Levels” was a world phenomenon and earned enough to sync to pay for his haircare until 2100, although SMH’s so called ‘One Last Tour’ has reminded the world three pillow biters can play one cheesy track over and over.

… and the nominees are.

Lastly, it was relatively unknown Al Walser’s cut into the five nominees which has raised some eyebrows. have jumped into the foray with reports of the producer manipulating the selection process.

Turns out he’s a voting member of the Grammys in the LA chapter and has published the book; Make It Big: The Secret Path to Break In Today’s Music Industry, suss huh?

His official Facebook page has since been taken down and a reply sent from his ‘team’ to, weird.

Who do you think will take it out?


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