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Goldroom, American house renaissance leader and creator of “Fifteen”, the track that broke the blogosphere earlier this year spared a couple moments to answer a few questions for us at Stoney Roads.

Swerving from the norm’ we thought we’d pick his brains on the realities of the dance world – What happened to nu-disco? Are you riding the Trap wave? Travelling to Australia and the always avoided topic of drugs.

What we got back were some real answers from a real personality, enjoy.

Ubbs –  The Valerie sound, which some might say you were submerged in during your development (?) has fallen in popularity, why do you think this is the case? is dreamwave dead?

Goldroom – NO WAY. I think a lot of the champions of dreamwave have just continued to grow and develop. I think a lot of the bloggers that used to cover dreamwave have moved on in one way or another, but from what I can tell, there’s still a really big scene bubbling, just the way it was 5 years ago. Its just that instead of College and Anoraak doing is (they’re too busy touring the world and writing hit songs for movie soundtracks), now its guys like Mitch Murder who are doing it. That guy, by the way, does dreamwave WAY better than anyone in Valerie or Binary ever did. He’s on another level.

Ubbs –  In its place has been a surge in deep house and trap, what’s the deal with this? Real genre or hipsters paradise?

Goldroom – Anything can be a genre right? I don’t really feel like there are cool genres and lame genres, just cool songs and lame ones. What bothers me is when DJs latch onto the next cool thing and put all of their eggs into that basket for 6 months before moving on. They ignore great songs from other genres at the expense of staying true to whatever vibe everyone has declared cool for the moment. I really think those two genres are pushing production to new levels, and there’s a lot of trappy songs that I love. I DJ a lot of sorta deep house as well. The problem is that since those are whats hip right now, there’s a ton of really bad imitation music that comes along with it.

Ubbs – Something else that has been bubbling along is the slow-disco / RnB stuff, is this timeless or another hot-for-now fad?

Goldroom – Again, a few people did this really well, and then it became a free for all to find and use the next Ashanti sample before the next guy did, leading to a lot of really bad copycats. I DJ a lot of this stuff as well, so in the end, I think its great and I don’t have a problem with it. I guess I’d just much prefer to see these talented guys start working with songwriters to create brand new, exciting content (like Disclosure does)… There’s a ceiling to how good a song can be if you’re using entire verses and hooks from songs we already know.

Ubbs –  An interesting topic recently has been the cost of bringing artists to Australia, for someone like you, with an early tour here do you think the fee is appropriate? is it worth the travel and time? what’s the trade off?

Goldroom – Bottom line: I would come to Australia for free. I’ve been dreaming about experiencing the scene down here for years and I’m so excited to come down and give everyone a taste of California. Now I obviously couldn’t have afforded to come down for free, but just personally its a big deal for me, so coming home with fat pockets was never a priority.

Ubbs –  Drugs and dance music have been hand in hand since it’s inception, where do you think the whole scenario is at these days?

Goldroom – Well, to be fair to other types of music, I think drugs and partying are a part of most music scenes. I went to my fair share of jam band shows growing up and the same kind of vibe permeates that world as well. As far as where we sit historically, I don’t think things are better or worse than they were 10 years ago. I have a hard time with some of the really young kids getting into some of it, but at the same time, I feel like there’s so much more information people can get online or otherwise to educate themselves on how to be safe. At the end of the day, people should do what makes them happy, as long as they’re being safe about it.

Goldroom’s latest single “Sweetness Alive’ feat SLL is also damaging bandwith coping a cool 64,000 plays in four days! Be sure to give him a ‘like’ on his Facebook page and tell him Stoney sent ya.


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