Fatboy Slim Talks EDM Scene and Skrillex
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Fatboy Slim Talks EDM Scene and Skrillex

In a recent interview with MusicFeeds.com veteran of dance music Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook interestingly discussed the EDM scene in it’s current status, as well as his love for Skrillex.

In a time where DJ status meant you were nothing more than adude spinning some tunes at your near by club, Cook explains how his previous musical commitment wasn’t truly satisfying and that becoming a DJ was pretty much just a passionate hobby.

“I realised that I was happier and better at DJing than I was playing in a band. Time told me that I am a better DJ than I am a bass player and I enjoy it more. When I started out there was no career as a DJ. DJs were just people who played in their local nightclubs, and we didn’t travel the world, and we didn’t have hits on the radio, so that wasn’t an option really. If you wanted a career in the music business, you had to be in a band. If there was such a thing as a superstar DJ in music when I started out, I would’ve gone straight for that.”

Since he has become one of the biggest and most well recognised dance artist it’s intriguing to get his personal feeling on the current state of EDM and how making coin off your work isn’t as simple as it used to be – As a large portion of Fatboy’s income comes from the royalties off commercial use, The Fifa video game franchise seem to be fans of his work as they featured The Rockafeller Skank, in FIFA ’99, and has again placed in FIFA ’13.

“On the one hand, it is the only way really to make money out of music these days because record sales and downloads do not create an income like they did in the old days. The only way musicians can survive is by live shows and by syncs in films, adverts and video games.”

Unfortunately with SHM being major players in the industry (not for too much longer though) they were bound to become a topic of discussion. With many haters (which I dare say far enough) Fatboy takes slightly different approach to the trio.

I’ve got a lot of respect for them, but musically they are a bit more commercial than what I do. To a lot of people they are kind of synonymous with dance music. At the same time, they love what they do and they are passionate about what they do and they’re very successful, and that opens doors for all other DJs. I think for underground DJs who are really sniffy about them, and think they just behave like superstars, their hearts are definitely in the right place.”

And of coarse, what’s an interview about dance music without dubstep and the go-to man Skrillex.

“I love Skrillex! The first time I met Skrillex, he just came right up to me really drunk and said, “You’re the reason I started DJing.” I have a lot of pride in things like that. He really reminds me of myself fifteen years ago and I think he is very talented. He is talented enough to know that dubstep will not be around forever. Dubstep has been the new kid on the block for the last couple of years. There is a time with all kinds of music – drum ‘n’ bass, big beat or anything – where once it starts getting on the serial adverts, it is watered down and not new and different at all anymore, so I think Skrillex will probably be around long after dubstep.”

Like he says once a popular style is inevitably “watered down” it’s pretty much obsolete, so whats the superstar’s prediction on the future styles of dance? “A continual cross combination of whatever crazy mix they haven’t done yet…some Latin break beat (laughs). The best records at the moment are more Deep House. Jamie Jones, Solomun and stuff like that.

As he toured Aus earlier this year at Future Music Festival he touches on how much he enjoys our energy, “Aussie festivals have a particular kind of craziness because the weather is good and there is a tradition at festivals where you go a bit mental“. As well as apparently insinuating towards a possible return in earlier 2014.

‘Big Beach Bootique 5’ is out now, iTunes. Watch Part II where Fatboy Slim plays to over 500,00 fans in his hometown of Brighton.


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