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Eli & Fur

Last week we caught up the British indie chicks Eli & Fur. These girls have been doing it big over the past year, touring the world and in the studio. Their latest single ‘Tonight’ hit iTunes late last month with a bang. With a London underground feel plus a big room punch the girls are headed straight to the main stage. Check out what they had to say about Djing and travelling the world.

Thanks for taking a few minutes girls; to start could you give the readers a brief introduction of how you two got together?

Sure, we met at school actually, when we were 16, we both had similar music tastes and we were studying music technology and art, we got on really well and ended up being flat mates after school. I got a job in music and Fur was working in fashion and we started DJing.

 So you started strong on the Djs circuit before putting out any tunes. What let to this route?

We would go out a lot, exchange music, I guess is started off for fun and we go really into it, we didn’t have an agent or anything so we were just DJing at friends house parties, which let on to a few bars and we just kept pushing to do more. We got really into house and techno and started playing specific nights, it was just addictive. I (Eli) was writing songs anyway but more acoustic stuff, and so we didn’t even think to start making our own tracks until later on. DJing and our love for dance music was the passion that kicked the whole thing off.

 In the past two years, you girls logged some serious flyer miles for an emerging duo, what do you think best contributed to such good bookings?

Working really hard, we practised non stop. We would constantly test out our sets, we didn’t jump in head first, we did a lot of small gigs and gaged the reaction, then spent hours trying to improve. Also contacting as many people as possible, it’s hard to get booked when know one knows who the hell you are, so we brought this book with a list of all the venues and promoters in london emailed every one of them, slowly we started to get better bookings.

 Hitting the ground running, your debut singe ‘Sea of Stars’ made some real waves with an awesome vocal. How was it to get your own production out on the dance floor?

It’s been really great experimenting with our own music, it just makes the whole thing more exciting, we can test things out when we dj, experiment with different sounds, see how people react

 Finally people are starting to really pay attention to the females making it happen in the dance scene. Growing up with legends like Annie Mac, how does if feel to be a player in evolving the dance game?

The prospect is really exciting, we have a long journey ahead and a lot more to learn but we want to keep working, writing, DJing and to keep improving. We are so passionate about dance music and want to be doing this for a long time.

 Your latest release ‘Tonight’ just dropped with a bomb video. You seem to found your sound here. How do you think your original style has changed in the past year?

Thanks! I think it is always changing and developing and there’s a lot of room to develop it even more, we are influenced a lot by the music we hear out and the reaction to the tracks we dj.

 Just for fun, if you could only use one piece of Dj equipment for the rest of your sets what would it be? (Don’t say laptop)

Probably a pair of turntables and just play old school house records, that’s two things though, oh no, can we have a mixer and cables too? Ha! Hard question!

 Not to be cliché but what’s next? It looks like nothing but a bright future, but any goals or hints of what we can expect from Eli & Fur?

To keep DJing as much as possible, we want to play lots of festivals in the summer, and of course release more tracks, possibly some collaborations, just keep putting stuff out and keeping busy. We are really excited!


Keep a sharp eye out for these two producers on the rise. From London to Japan to LA the girls are behind the decks keeping the dancefloor jiving. Follow their progress and make sure to catch their seductive sets at a club near you! In the meatime grab a couple of free reworks of the girls tunes.


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