Eats Everything has ‘years of solid work’ stolen.
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Eats Everything has ‘years of solid work’ stolen.

On the back of an incredible and bustling Essential Mix, buzzing UK producer Eats Everything has had ‘years worth of solid work’ stolen from the DJ booth while attending DJ Mag’s awards night.

Taking to Twitter, the bigger than life producer really struck out; “Some fucking cunt is a fucking asshole and stole my headphones and all my music from the DJ booth…. Fucking wanker.”

It wasn’t just 140Gb of music but a set of headphones as well, no accidental  occurrence…

Mixmag spoke directly with Eats Everything who explained; “Basically I am not bothered about the headphones or the USB sticks at all, it’s just the music being in the hands of some oik basically.”

It’s not all terrible news though with the producer having a backup of all the music but unfortunately couldn’t load it in time for a trip to Geneva for a Switzerland tour.

“I have it all backed up, everything is replaceable but it meant coming home last night and loading everything onto a hard drive which took two hours then I had to be up at 8am to fly to Geneva and didn’t get it backed up in time so now have hardly any music for a tour of Switzerland.”

If you have any information about the music or headphones hit up EE on Twitter.


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