Confusion and anger over Al Walser dance grammy nomination
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Confusion and anger over Al Walser dance grammy nomination

It appears that The Grammys maybe losing credibility with an artist called Al Walser and his ‘best dance recording’, “I can’t live without you” being put up for nomination. Bet you his 615 twitter followers are excited for him..

Al will be going up against Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.

To investigate a little further into the nomination and to understand who he is; Al Walser radio hosts the radio show Al Walser’s Weekly Top 40. He originally found a smidgen of fame during his stint in euro-pop-rap group Fun Factory in the late ’90s.

The most concerning thing about his nomination is Al Walser is a voting members for Recording Academy, which means he would have influence on nominations at the Grammy’s. 76 percent of the Grammy365 users are voting members of the Recording Academy, Walser’s 4,160 contacts equals about 3,200 voting members, “certainly enough to secure a lesser known category.”

In fact, Walser’s network is something he told MTV News he’s worked very diligently to build over the years.

So pretty much this guy shmoozed a Grammy Nomination! “It’s enough to make a grown man cry”. Check out his cheesey cheap European pile of crap.


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