Lol of the moment Al Walser has been caught red handed using German electro house producer Zedd's track stems. He is actually starting to make Paris Hilton look like a pro DJ now!

"And here is the most obvious #SPECTRUM rip off ever... Congrats on your Grammy nomination, bro!" - Zedd

Yes, the Grammy nominated 'I can't live without you' in fact contains a large chunk of the Stems that were made readily available for Zedd's track 'Spectrum' from a recent remix competition held on Beatport.

So what did the red faced Al Walser have to say for himself.

(Songs demonstrated below)

Al Walser caught using Zedd's samples

So Al Walser is willing to take his Grammy nominated "Remix" (without any credit to Zedd in there) offline?

AL WALSER, if you read this, please.. No wait PLEASE take that thing you call a song down and save what little credibility is left of the Grammys before you single handedly turn an awards show into the biggest comedy extravaganza ever televised.

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