10 Reasons to get to Croatia
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10 Reasons to get to Croatia

2013 is quickly approaching and the northern hemisphere will once again shed their outerwear and hit the beach. Even though you haven’t had a true Summer vacation since the glory days of school, there is always at least a week that you need to kick back and let loose. Since the world is addicted to electronic music the destinations are endless and opportunities keep on coming.

For dance lovers there are always to classics Miami, Ibiza, Thailand but come on, been there done that. You need something fresh, no more muddy festival crowds for your fun in the sun.

Let’s be realistic though, electronic raving without running water isn’t much fun unless your a dust-covered burner. Granted there are a lot of up-and-coming spots all over the world that offer the finest tunes, chill atmosphere, and decent spot to lay your head, the question is which one is fresh?  One Mediterranean coast catches our eye like a diamond in the ruff, Croatia.

Sure you always heard it’s a pretty cool place, but up until recently the word didn’t spread that its a hot spot on the clubbers short list. People, now is the time, get there while the beaches are clean, the booze is cheap, and beats are fresh. If that’s not enough convincing, take a look at some of our top reasons to head to the Med.

10. Yacht Week
So you may have heard of this one, and its gotten pretty commercial after running strong for a few years, but it still makes the tail end of our list. With events all over the world the Yacht week has been putting on an annual gig where mates can get it bit wild on a chartered sail boat with 8 of their best friends. The best part is there is a whole fleet of party people along for the journey.

Popular with the sea-faring Swedes, The Yacht Week has plenty of bikini-wearing blondes to accompany you on the voyage. With nightly stops and floating parties, a whole Summer of debauchery takes place on the water Mediterranean waters. No argument here, this is a water mans wet dream.

9. Seasplash Festival
This hidden Rasta seaside event may be small but brings some great vibes to list as worthwhile stop for fans of island inspired tunes from dance hall all the way to Drum & Bass. Perfectly located in an abandoned fort on a seaside peninsula, Jamaican bass fans have the prime spot to fight the good fight.

Underground artists from all over the globe attend this intimate seaside jam session.

8.Ultra Music Festival
UMF hits the Croatia coast. The word famous Miami-based party touches down in Europe for its first time. They will do it big, but honestly may be the beginning of the end for Croatia. The drink prices will rise and the ticket prices sky-rocket.

Get there while you can when the tunes are fresh and water is clear.

7. Beaches
Synonymous with Summer the beaches are the place to be on those late July nights the blend straight into mornings. The Balearic lifestyle without the crowds makes Croatia a gem of the Summer club scene. Watch for sunburn at these bassfests.

6. Outlook Festival
Yet another favourite and the festival hot spot of Fort Punta Christo, this bass inspired massive lowers the pitch and host some of the world hottest bass producers. You cant get any better than this location, the ditch stage offers perfect acoustic for a full on bass experience.

Hosting names such as Skream & Benga, Foreign Beggars, and Plastician this is the place for all you dub-steppers and DnB heads. This end of Summer jam is a perfect cap to beach season.

5. Electric Elephant
Deep House and Disco fans get ready, this is your spo,. 5 days and nights of sun, sea, music, boats, and huge outdoor stages. What could be better?

Some top dudes were on the bill last year with names such at Bicep and Mike Simonetti. With the usual boats and beaches Croatia has to offer, this is the place for all you groove addicts. Set in a natural amphitheatre this is true Balearic style.

4. Cheap Drinks
As a baby can’t go without some warm teet milk, a clubber has to have a bit of liquid libations to keep it loose all night long. The larger the event and more expensive the ticket unfortunately usually is complementary with the drink fees. Luckily for you sailors out their Croatia does not drink by this standard. Often times a pint will run around 3 euro, clocking in at less than coffee in some cases.

Would you trade that morning Starbucks for a couple of beer on the beach in Croatia? We think yes.

3. Dimensions Festival
This is the highest of our picks for the Fort Punta Christo parties. In this secluded peninsula with the tops worldwide artists what can go wrong. We aren’t going to revist all of the top reasons Croatia is good on it own, but with a line-up like dimensions, you should have already booked your flights.

2. European Babes
No one can deny European like to get down and especially in the Summer. Wild times are bound to go down and the sandy beached of Croatia. The banks of the Mediterranean play Summer home to beautiful party people.

Hit the boats and get a little wet, Croatia is any dancers fantasy.

1. Hideout Festival
A perfect mix of boat, beats, and world class festival, Hideout tops our list of reason to hit Croatia for your dance journey this year. With top international headlines  speciality boat events, and a massive party beach, this event is the place to be without being over run by crowds. An eclectic mix of all genres there will be plenty of sets for anyone’s tastes.

If this isn’t enough to meet us on the beach this Summer. No excuses here, Croatia is a guaranteed blast for your escapades in the sun. If you made it there the past few years let us know what to expect!


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