Watch: DJ Self Defense with Dillon Francis
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Watch: DJ Self Defense with Dillon Francis

It’s a dangerous world out there. With the rise in popularity of electronic music,  a DJ can never be to careful!

Producers are having to sleep with one eye open these days. Crazed fans, groupie girls, enemy producers, and Deadmau5 supporters are always on the prowl wreaking havoc among the DJ elite.

Dillon Francis has become an expert in DJ protection after fighting off hordes of women trying to get a piece of the the Dil-nis. Also serving a personal bodyguard for Tiesto, Dillon is often on the front line of protection when travelling from the private jet to the Pacha Ibiza booth.

Watch this clip of some sweet moves to use in case of a fan invasion or zombie outbreak. If Mitt Romney gets voted president in the US today, conservative un-dead are only months away. Act fast, learn now.

Your music and life depend on it.


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