Tony Romera & Jordan Viviant – Alive (Bit Funk Remix)
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Tony Romera & Jordan Viviant – Alive (Bit Funk Remix)

tony romera and jordan viviant feat jontanamo - alive (bit funk remix)

Bit Funk should be a household name by now, with his awesomely energetic original productions and remixes. Gotta say though, he really topped himself this time with a remix for Tony Romera & Jordan Viviant. Surprisingly artists that lean towards “EDM” (from what I’ve looked up), Tony and Jordan have made an excellent nu-disco tune that in the hands of Bit Funk, gets an extra layer of chill and groove. Pianos, gently swung hats, and a soft backing vocal team up to create one smooth ride that is one of B. F.’s best remixes. Out now on French Toast.


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