Swedish House Mafia finally announce last gig: Mau5 calls their bluff
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Swedish House Mafia finally announce last gig: Mau5 calls their bluff

Well Swedish House Mafia broke up months ago and many breathed a sigh of relief. Shortly after the announcement the trio released a year long tour dubbed ‘One Last Tour’. This road trip has been strung out include extra dates, more appearances, new releases and on, and on, and on. It seems based on the buzz from Ultra Music Festival and the Swede’s themselves, SHM has finally given us the absolute last show.

Lets be realistic, sure they were big but this is an exodus that has gone a bit to long. Many people will miss the stadium smashing progressive producers yes and fans love the chance to get one more show. As the releases keep coming, the breakup seems like more a publicity stunt than actually trouble in the crew. Today it seems the final horrah will be Swedish House Mafia playing both weekends at Miami’s coveted Ultra Music Festival.

Along with the announcement today after press releases, Facebook posts, and Twitter buzz Deadmau5 had to put in his two sense. The historically caddy Canadian called their bluff insisting that this wasn’t the end yet. The Mau5 is always the number one hater in the dance music community, and loves to instigate. This time it seems the Swede’s did take the cheese and will leave this one for the Mau5.

Maybe a bit of jealousy is present from Deadmau5 after his exclusion from the Ultra lineup last year. Team Mau5trap hyped up an alternate studio-based event in Miami, but not much buzz was heard from the outcome. Burning bridges seems to be losing gigs for the Dj who was once the big cheese.

Will Swedish House Mafia put aside their differences and keep the ball rolling? Who knows, only time will tell. Until now its once last show, twice.



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