There is a certain concentration involved when performing the perfect sync. Djs are forced to use every ounce of brainpower in order to focus their inebriated senses on executing the perfect click that most laptop Djs cherish.

Whether your using Serato or double clicking on iTunes, sometimes you have to take a break from the party and get down to business. A funny Tumblr took it upon themselves to document the moment of intense brain usage. The Serato Face. MIT might think their engineering program is hard, but try mixing from Moombahton to hardstyle when a 300 pound bearded lady spills her vodka cranberry down your crack while whispering dirty phrases in your ear. Take that rocket scientists. Check out a few Djs DEEP in the mix.

" That Virgin I Sacrified Before My Set Is Starting To Come Up, better FB message Ozzy On What To Do" -Deathface

"I might have created my own genre, but I don't think I could fight off that creeper in the corner" - Dave Nada

Serato face

"To bad no one is dancing, the set would put A-Trak to shame" - Unknown Dj and your local bar

Serato face

" Dave Nada is here, I better make this set good. Cue Cat Tracks" - Dillon Francis

"Oh Crap, I only loaded my Gaga Edits Playlist" - Mister Gray

" This hippie better stop requesting songs or I'll cut those dreds off" - Dj No Requests

"Why did I agree to play this Fraternity party"  - Dj University

" What is all this? Who stole my crate?" - Dj Craze

" I will kill this guy if he doesn't stop watching me mix" - Dj Popeye

" Damn I never know being in major Lazer would be this hard" - jillionaire

..... and finally " Uh Oh Sync isn't working, time to hit the tanning salon" -Dj Pauly D

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