Open letter to Cricket Australia RE: Basement Jaxx
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Open letter to Cricket Australia RE: Basement Jaxx

Dear Cricket Australia/Marketing manager Julian Dunne,

Hiring Basement Jaxx to play at the Cricket is possibly the smartest or dumbest idea you guys have ever thought of to help the survival of the one day version of the game. I am excited for this concept, but I do have one question to ask that’s been on my mind since the news broke.

Just to note, the last time I saw Basement Jaxx was at a festival where the whole crowd was solidly inebriated.

I don’t know if this applies for other venues, but the last time i went to the cricket at the SCG, thanks to my slight sunburn, I got questioned by the police aka the ‘fun police’ and event security three times to whether I was too drunk. Guilty before proven innocent. I hadn’t even had a drink that night and it’s a bit annoying when it’s not once but three friggin times! I know I’m not just speaking for myself here.

So here is where my concern lies. You want to fill a crowd with young people in a venue where dressing up makes you a prime suspect and making a beer snake out of cups is enough to warrant being kicked out. How do you think you will successfully combine the free spirit of youth and dance music with the prude nature of stadium like the Sydney Cricket Ground venue? Where’s your head at?

As a punter I would like to see

  • An overhaul of security staff attitude, so that it’s not an Us vs Them situation
  • Staff that offer water to people ‘appearing’ a little intoxicated. If it is that much of a liability, this would be better. Plus drinking in the sun can speed the inebriation process up so rather than reject your patrons, help them! Just like a bar does!
  • Full strength beer back in the main arena. Build the trust with the crowd as opposed to treat us like babies. The only people who don’t deserve respect in the stadium are sitting in the members stand. You should know this by now!
  • Beer snakes be allowed to wiggle freely within the sports arena, to show off to other pockets in the crowd like a Picasso. It’s an Icon of the Australian game that doesn’t┬áreceive┬áthe respect it deserve! The only reason the security guards should take these from us is to deliver to them to the Museum of Contemporary arts in Circular Quay, Sydney.


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