Flux Pavilion show shutdown by LAPD
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Flux Pavilion show shutdown by LAPD

Flux Pavilion has found himself in a little bit of a pickle in Los Angeles with a free gig he was doing was shut down!

The free show that was done in conjunction with MTV was shutdown due to a wee bit of an influx into the venue. The venue capacity had been stated at 1500, however according to reports over 3,000 individuals gathered outside the venue, resulting in police threatening arrests if these individuals refused to move on. No bass cannons were used to sub due the audience.

The UK producer who recently released a single with Major Lazer was not amused when his show was shut down and said via twitter “People geeting pissed because they couldnt get in, LAPD thought the best way to deal with is was to not let anybody in. Backwards fuckers”.

MTV released a statement after the gig informing “Prior to turning fans away, officers of the Santa Monica Police Department called in backup to help manage the crowd. At approximately 11 p.m., organisers considered it best to end the event earlier than scheduled. Fans filed out in an orderly fashion and no one was hurt. MTV Iggy thanks the fans who showed up for the performance and regrets any inconvenience caused by its early end.”

Flux Pavilion’s song is true. He really can’t stop… Djing.. In LA

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