Duke Dumont – The Giver Remixes (Preview)
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Duke Dumont – The Giver Remixes (Preview)

Since the Duke unleashed this beloved track on the world only a few months ago, “The Giver” has become one of those rare, instant classics that just keeps on giving. Featured prominently in recent mixes from The Magician in Magic Tape 26 and Scuba in his Fact Mix 353, it’s remixable allure is endless.

Turbo Recordings put out this preview from a few prime reinventors, namely label head Tiga, along with Lando Kal, Gingy & Bordello, and Locked Groove. As Turobo points out, Tiga’s version is “kind of a big deal” since his only other label remix was released nearly 8 years ago. The preview gives you about two minutes of “The Giver’s” reconTigafication, but the full length is actually 7 and a half decadent minutes long.

Lando Kal ups the tempo and the techno with a highly “caffeinated” percussive layering that gives the track a grittier feel but still maintains some delicate, high keys and sexy vocals. 

Turbo’s own Gingy & Bordello continue “The Giver’s” descent into the depths of techno with a starker, metallic style, turning this house anthem on its head into a distant rendition of the original, which is certainly both the aim and the appeal. Once passionate vocals are chopped into stark bits along a haunting soundscape. This is definitely the mad scientist version.

Locked Groove is no stranger to Turbo or Hotflush, a New Jack kid who is quickly becoming one of Belgium’s hottest producers. His take on “The Giver” certainly stays truest to the original, but no doubt delivers a bumpier, more dancefloor friendly ride. He offers a sort of tech-house fusion and unlike the others, opts to keep that majestic vocal loop virtually intact.


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