The Best of DJ Rooms
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The Best of DJ Rooms

The rooms we inhabit regulary a pretty special places, we have our own prefences on the setup and it is practically a form of expression. It’s particularly important for those creative types like musicians, DJ and bedroom producers, as it’s where they create and generate ideas.

A few years ago group of german music fanatics started a Facebook page “Musikzimmer – DJs and their living rooms“, documenting some of the more interesting DJ quarters.

They have now been posting for over 2 years and have a web adress DJ Rooms, which now has quite extensive catalogue of artists rooms.

It’s a great little visual project to see behind the scenes of different artists/producers all over the world,  and after sifting through the masses of images we have compiled a top 10 of DJ Rooms.

#10 – Marco Duits‘s DJ setup overlooking Chengdu, China.

#9 – Philipp Straub classy vinyl collection in Vienna, Austria with more than 26.000 records.

#8 – André Galluzzi

#7 – Sven Väth

#6 – DJ Armagedan

#5 – Katorski from Belgium with a ridiculous number of synths

#4 – Pat Claim‘s sharp looking studio with 3000 Vinyls and 22000 digital tracks.

#3 – Rod Skunk with a sweet custom circular DJ booth which holds his 3000 vinyls and decks, and to top it off a vintage leather swivel chair.

#2 – Broombeck a German producers has an outragous amount of equipment! One can’t help but be jealous. Check out the specs here.

#1 – Scott Robinson owns this brilliant attic studio. He has it all, the gear, great room and a producers lifestyle. Check out the specs here

Generally I prefer the clean tidy room, but there’s something about the mess of equipment/dials/cords that is somewhat charming.

What’s your preference? Clean and tidy or the gear junkie chaos?


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