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Dillon Francis

As if Dillon Francis isn’t famous enough! This week his new single ‘Bootleg Fireworks’ is out on Calvin Harris’s Fly Eye Records. Furthermore, Mr Dillon has joined the growing list of celebrities collaborating with Harris through their new track ‘Here to China’ making him a part of a club including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Dizzee Rascal.

To top it all off, Dillion is kicking off the next leg of his ‘Wet and Reckless‘ tour this Sunday, hitting the US with homies Clockwork and Bauer. What a busy guy! Lucky enough for us he took a minute to fend off the constant flood of women beating down his door to chat about what it’s like to be an international superstar. See what he had to say:

Mr. Francis how does it feel to be the number 1 Dj in the world?

I would imagine it feels f*cking awesome to be the number 1 DJ in the world. Damn you Tiesto.

But seriously, you came from the Hollywood city. Give us a couple words on the early days of Dillon Francis? And big names from back then?

You gotta watch out for #DillonFrancisStoryTime on my twitter to hear about the early days.. some big names from back then: Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Rachel McAdams.

We think you may have been partially responsible for everyone’s obsession with cats? What do you have to say for yourself?

Mittens Francis.

Compared to the vast percentage of Moombah producers you’re essentially the global ambassador. How has it been on the road with the usual suspects?

Awesome.. sold out a bunch of shows on the first leg of Wet & Reckless. Pumped to start again on Nov. 4th! Dillonfrancis.com/tour

Speaking of being on the road, you and Psy the creator of Gangnam Style look frighteningly similar? Some relation? Think we can see some new dance moves behind the decks?

No new dance moves. But you might see an #AsianPose.

Based on the richter earthquake magnitude scale, how much of a computer nerd are you?


We have seen some pretty awesome Photoshop skills on your sites, do you outsource that or is it part of your natural talent?

The fans just make em! It’s crazy.

So since you do produce electronic dance music for a living (technically termed EDM), can you give the young bucks out there any hints?

Don’t become a hippie. F*ck hippies.

Finally what’s next? Are we going to see anymore of your Dubstep alias DJ Tiesto? Maybe some happy hardcore? Or is it all Polka-step from here on out?

I think I’ll just start mislabeling all my new music. Moombahton will now be electro house. Electro house will now be softstyle trap. I might just spend more time on coming up with things to put on my store (http://bit.ly/DillonFrancisStore)

Now that you’ve heard from D-Fran himself, stop by his store and buy some usless crap. You can even have Dillon prank call your mom in the middle of the night. For all you punk kids, he will even remix a Blink-182 track for the low price of 10k. If that’s more than you parents give you for allowance, the least you can do is pick up his new single on iTunes.


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