Dance Music’s future: Rave Parties For Kids
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Dance Music’s future: Rave Parties For Kids

Well not sure how to feel a this, but we probably think it’s awesome. A new concept company in NYC is marketing to make club culture a family affair. Little Club Heads, offers dance-centric events catered to kids and their families. Complete with big head Djs, hoop spinners, clowns, and face painting this is your standard rave for the under 15 crowd. Deemed a ‘family affair’ the whole Brady bunch can get on the dancefloor and feel like a superstar. Offering birthday parties and regular events, Little Club Heads is promoting to a slightly younger demographic.

If this is the future of electonic music, then this industry might even be in for more than we thought. Whats next? Dance Music Airlines? (Richard Branson can you get on that). Considering the average childbearing age in the US, elementary parents probably came of age in warehouse raves and underground clubs. We will just have to see how this one plays out. Lines of pixie sticks anyone?


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