Brodinski and Gesaffelstein to play one Stereosonic sideshow
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Brodinski and Gesaffelstein to play one Stereosonic sideshow

With the eventual sell out of Stereosonic Sydney has come the announcement of the only (so far) sideshow for techno overloads Brodinski and Gesaffelstein.

Toted as a Social Club event the two Frenchies will be joined by fellow bass-terpeurs French Fries and Club Cheval, comprised of Myd, Panteros666, Sam Tiba and Canblaster (also Triple J ‘Mix Up’ residents for November).

With the announcement of Melbourne Stereosonic selling out, there could be an opportunity for our interstate cousins to score their own party!

Although we can say we’re excited, we’re not sure how we feel about the way its being splayed to the masses by promoters who possibly don’t have a proper handle on the genre or enveloped the realness of the careers of these artists – more so a business transaction for cred. Picturing 3/4 of the crowd comprised of females drooling four rows deep.

Regardless it all goes down Thursday November 29th at Oxford Arts Factory, 9pm – 4am with tickets set to go on-sale Monday November 12th via Moshtix.


Update: as predicted, with Melbourne selling out they’ve scored a Social Club party as well, details via Survivor! Club of Legends, December 1st, tickets through The Bottom End.


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