Berlin’s Berghain Club Appears on Popular TV Show
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Berlin’s Berghain Club Appears on Popular TV Show

Berlins infamous Berghain Club has made a rather unexpected feature on the German version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.

At around the €16,000 mark a female audience member was asked  ‘Berghain’ on the weekend, you’re most likely to? (translation from German to English);

a) Shop until you drop
b) Stroke animals in the zoo
c) Party hard
d) Dine with the celebrities

In the end the female contestant was forced into using her 50/50 and audience poll to figure out that, c) “Party Hard” was the right answer!

The club, know for its eclectic clientèle and ‘No Photographs’ policy was facing a grim future with laws looking to pass early July that would force royalty payments to be upped.

Thankfully the legislation was crushed following petitioning and general outcry – a small win for dance and electronic clubs in the region.

Have you seen nightclubs after everyone has left? Eerie and fascinating.

source: Pulse Radio


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