Australians abroad: Cassette’s USA Photo Diary!
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Australians abroad: Cassette’s USA Photo Diary!

Local Australian lass Cassette put together a photo diary from a recent stint in the ole’ United States of America.

Apart from being completely babin’ she’s a whizz behind the decks!

Here are a few happy snaps from my recent USA West Coast tour. I have been lucky enough to tour the US for three years in a row now and feel so proud and touched to say that I actually seem to be developing a bit of a following over there. There were kids at the gigs that seemed to know and love Cassette.

Some fans actually cheered loudly when I played my Van She Remix which was such an amazing feeling

Feeling like a very lucky girl packing all the amazing clothes Sass & Bide gave me to take on tour. Yew!

A couple streets from my hotel

My first gig was at the notorious Drais Nightclub in Hollywood. This was a very Miami style club with an outdoor pool and rooftop overlooking the city. There were pool cabanas, VIP private booths near the DJ stage all with their own personal waitress (usually an aspiring actress/ swimsuit model), girls dancing in strange outfits on podiums around the room, scenos, celebrities, wannabe celebrities and some other peeps just looking for a good time. Very Vegas but still a bit of a fun.

I was apprehensive and nervous about playing here as I read the Stoney Roads post about Black Eyed Peas, Anna Lunoe, Cassian debarcle but it was honestly not a bad night.

When I walked in the kids were dancing to the likes of Maxxi Soundsystem and Danny Daze so that was a relief. It appears LA have definitely caught the “deep house bug”. The worst set of the night was the dude from Bonde Do Role who played the close, once again proving that bands should stick to bands and leave the DJing to DJs.

Drais Nightlcub, Hollywood

My next gig was at Dim Mak Studios with Jesse Rose and Prince Club. This was by far the best gig of my tour. Amazing Internationals + epic sound system + a crowd that really wants to dance = one happy DJ. This is quite a large club so once again I was surprised by how much the crowd seemed to love deep house and tech, which I have always considered to be a fairly underground sound. House is definitely back and that is just FIIIINE by me!

Jesse Rose and Prince Club both played great sets and there really was such a great vibe through the room when I played. For the rest of the night I received high fives and congratulatory slaps on the back. I left the club blushing that night.

Prince Club

Crowd love during my set

Jesse Rose rocking it

After 4 days of jam packed LA fun I relocated to Costa Mesa where I played a club called Detroit Par with Nu Disco producers Perseus and Moon Boots (French Express Records), Justin Miller (DFA) and Gotta Dance Dirty DJs (the guys behind popular US blog Gotta Dance Dirty). The crowd for this was very young and very white but still a good vibe.Again there was a few die hard Cassette fans which was so cool.

Next up was Pacific Festival in The OC (Orange County). This was a boutique beach party style festival on Newport Sand Dunes. Fellow auzzies Sneaky Sound System, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders were part of the lineup as well as a load of other cool nu –disco/ house bands and DJs. I was lucky enough to play on the mainstage after Poolside (Future Classic) and before Mayer Hawthorne.

I played a mix of deep house and nu disco type sounds which seemed to work well with the whole pool party/beach party vibe.

There were loads of water activities going on which was really cool to see at a music festival. Canoes, boats, lilos, paddleboats. At the end of the night I saw one guy passed out in an lonely inflatable swan in the middle of the lake. He had been crowd surfing in the same swan earlier so it was great to see that they had come full circle without springing any leaks.

This was a festival first

Poolside (live)- Prior to this gig I actually didn’t realize that Poolside were a band, I thought they were just DJ/ producers but as it turns out – they ARE a band and they have a MASSIVE following in California. After watching them I can see why, they were freakin awesome. Really funky, deep, nu disco / electronica.

My gals

Yacht (DFA)

I developed a small girl crush on Clare, the lead singer of DFA band Yacht. She had thewhole crowd mesmorized and was truly amazing to watch in action.

Me playing Pac Fest mainstage before Mayer Hawthorne. Was such a rush to play to that many people

Mayer Hawthorne was so fun

Bagraiders killin it at Pac Fest. It was cool to see what a big following they have in Cali

“Oh hello old friend” In and Out burger animal style

Playing tourist with my homeboy Nick. This is the amazing view of California’s coastline from Palos Verdes, California, it’s hard to see in this photo but you could actually see the Hollywood sign in the and background


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