Afrojack remixing ‘gangnam style’
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Afrojack remixing ‘gangnam style’

Afrojack (who recently gave Paris Hilton’s djing a scathing review) has been assigned the task as the only official remixer of Korean Pop global phenomena Psy’s hit track ‘Gangnam Style’.

Afrojack spoke to Fuse about the expectation of having to remix such a big hit. “Gangnam Style” is so, so massive, I’m going to figure something cool out” he continued, “I just want everyone who knows ‘Gangnam Style’ to hear the remix and be like ‘oh wow I never expected that.’

The dutch EDM star coming up with the unexpected? A 4/4 beat, big kicks, a dutch sounding synths and a little tweaking to the vocals seems to be his usual formula. Does he dare steer away? Only time will tell!


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