Watch: Boys Noize Out of the Black Tour Trailer
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Watch: Boys Noize Out of the Black Tour Trailer

We are utterly STOKED for Boys Noize’s upcoming album Out of The Black and the start of his LIVE tour in Europe and the US for 2012 and in Australia for 2013. HARD Events just released the official tour trailer to promote his US dates starting in November. The album itself drops in just a few days on October 2nd, and on the 16th in the US.

After taking a full year off from years of constant touring to craft his 3rd BNR album, it’s clear that Ridha’s staying POWER! is rooted in his undying dedication to music, as well as his philosophy of “art over money.” We missed him this past year at events like Holy Ship! (which he was booked for, but ended up not making it), but it will all be worth it when those new bangin productions finally hit our eardrums. He spent many sleepless nights perfecting Out of The Black, and soon the Dark Prince himself will be emerging to showcase it LIVE. As he shared with us in a recent interview, darkness inspires his creativity: “I love the night, it’s most relaxing, I like to make noise when everyone is sleeping.”

His first show on tour is October 6th in Berlin, and will mark the very first time that he’ll be playing his own tracks exclusively, along with some “extra special production” (read: THE SKULL!). Check out the official tour trailer!


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