The Bloody Beetroots unique remix contest

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The Bloody Beetroots unique remix contest

Bob Rifio ‘AkA’ the Bloody Beetroots always have a trick up their sleeves it seems. With traditional means of release becoming boring, the Italian men behind the masks have decided to give fans a go before the release.

Released first to the internet news site Huffington Post, Bob created a remix contest like no other. With nothing to work with but the sheet copy of the Bloody Beetroots’ new track “Chronicles of a Fallen Love”, hopefully the hack producers will immediately give up. That brings up a great question: How many dance producers that bought a computer and Ableton even know how to read sheet music? We are guess there is a good amount who don’t. Until the release on October 29, aspiring producers can have a go at their depiction of the track without being influenced by Bob’s take. The idea mimics alternative composer Beck, who’s new album will only be seen on paper. Instructed to upload finished versions to Youtube under hashtag #COAFL, we will soon see everyone’s take before we get to hear the composer himself.

Hopefully there will be some good showings in the coming weeks. Get in the studio and pull out the keys, this one is bound to stir things up. As usual Sir Bob is doing his own thing. We will see in time how this experiment turns out.

Pick Up The Sheet Music Here


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