Riva Starr – OPA! (Club Mix)
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Riva Starr – OPA! (Club Mix)


Complete with hiccups, bag pipes, and big room booms, this tune is as bouncy and fun as its creator. Riva Starr, aka Stefano Miele, is known and loved for his eclecticism and unpredictable production style. He relocated from his home in Naples to live in London a few years ago, a place where he felt his music could thrive to its whimsical max.

He made the analogy of himself as a musical magician, his style as the proverbial hat, and tracks much like this one as the elusive white rabbits that seemingly appear out of thin air. “I’m a house DJ… My house style is like a magician’s hat; you can put your hand in there and you won’t know what will come out of it” (from Time Out London). Enjoy OPA!, one of the many tricks up this label head’s sleeve, due out October 10th on Snatch! Records.


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