George FitzGerald – Child (NY Stomp Remix)
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George FitzGerald – Child (NY Stomp Remix)

For catchy vocal cuts and muffled synth stabs over jerking percussion,  you couldn’t get much better than George FitzGerald‘s ‘Child‘ until Gerd came along with his NY Stomp remix.

He doesn’t tear the track apart, preferring to keep the structure intact and simply massage more life out of it in certain places. This doesn’t always mean adding sounds upon sounds either. In one section he holds back all the bassy and percussive elements, and lets that warm synth repeat itself over and over against a blank canvas. The drums then slowly come in as you double check that your dancing boots are well and truly strapped on, and the groove takes the wheel.

Aus Music has cast this track into the universe for your pleasure, alongside remixes from Gerry Read and Gerd’s other pseudonym, Geeeman. Nab it at Beatport.


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