Ellie Goulding doesn’t listen to crap music!

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Ellie Goulding doesn’t listen to crap music!

Electro-pop siren Ellie Goulding has revealed to music news site Music Feeds her 15 favourite tracks!

Although we’d tend to think she’d be listening to some light on indie stuff she’s actually pulsing along to everything from dark ambient producer Clams Casino and “I Am God” to techno lord Gesaffelstien’s “Variations”.

An understandable vein through the list is the inclusion of dubstep, which is certainly explained by her on-going relationship with wobble king Skrillex.

Clams CasinoI am God

Listening to this always makes me feel like I’m floating. It’s truly beautiful, whether you like hip hop or not.

SkrillexRight In

I listen to Skrillex because his mixing is so pristine and immaculate, even with so much heaviness and base. It really inspires me.


After a couple of cocktails I could be on the dancefloor literally all night listening to this… There is something very sexy about this track.

Sbtrkt (feat Samph)a – Never, never

This is proper chill vibes. Me and Starsmith like to put it on in the studio and nod our heads. Love Sampha’s voice.

Kuhrye-ooGive in for the Fame

Really obsessed with this. I love it when pop female vocals are put in a completely different context – you can hear Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Robyn…

MonstaHolding On

I’ve heard this so many times – and every time it drops I want to sky dive off a building or begin a marathon.

Ennio MorriconeOnce upon a Time in the West

I love classical music and I first heard this in a Henry 8th series on television. At times it makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful.

Drake (feat Rihanna) – Take Care

I think this is a beautiful cover – I love the production and it makes me want to be out on an exotic beach dancing. Drake is a very clever lyricist.

Koan Sound Sly Fox

This starts off into what you might consider lift or elevator music, then suddenly explodes into a futuristic funkadelic dance-off. It’s some of the cleverest and most innovative funk/bass-inspired music I’ve heard.

Alex Metric and Charlie XCXEnd of the World

I want to lie back in Hyde Park in the sun and listen to this. It’s such a summer tune. Love Alex metric, love dub. Got a reggae feel. Chilled!

Blood Diamonds (feat. Grimes) – Phone Sex

Blood diamonds is my latest and most exciting discovery – his production is so dreamy, tribal and unique. I Think Drake signed him up to work with him recently. Grimes is a beautiful singer.

My Latest Novel I Declare a Ceasefire

I love this band, mostly because I love singers with a Scottish accent. I think the lyrics are so special: ‘Please, put down your guns, lower your weapons… I declare a change of heart’. I like that they are still a little secret. Maybe not for long…

DJ Fresh (Nero remix) – Hypercaine

This is such a good running tune. I always chose something like this as inspiration for the final mile or so….and I am a huge fan of both Fresh and Nero.


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