Review: Boys Noize Live Show
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Review: Boys Noize Live Show

Boys Noize has just started touring his new live show, so whats the verdict?

The new live show is essentially the final piece of the puzzle to this artists performance. It’s what I imagined I was going to watch the first time I was going to see him play many years ago. A strange thing to say, but being younger and hearing how robotic his music was, I just made this assumption and felt the entertainment value was a given back then. (I was then blown away with an awesome dj set of course)

Boys Noize captures not only his own unique identity but also the flavour of his countries techno culture through the binary style glitchy visuals. I couldn’t help but think of the influences of Germanys dance music scene and how it is subconsciously ingrained into this performance.

The ‘skull’ we have been all waiting to see was not what I expected. If i’m going to be honest it was almost a little bit cheesy in a ‘Spinal Tap’ kind of way. I guess I take my dance music pretty seriously, and when the cartoonish ‘terminator’ style looking skull revealed itself, I did burst into laughter. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it added value to the night, I was just expecting something looking more shiney like on the “oi oi oi” album… Come to think of it, he was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt.

The set list was incredible, bringing back so many memories from past and killing it with his new album material! The one noticeable absentee from the song list was his Snoop Dogg collab. If I could tell Boys Noize, I would say it should be played mid set to break the tempo up and rebuild for epic ending to the performance.

Alex Ridha is a legend. He can do whatever the fuck he wants and people will still turn up. That being said, the efforts him and his team must have put into this performance is incredible, so get your tickets before you miss out on a legendary night.


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