Azealia Banks – Luxury

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Azealia Banks – Luxury

I have fallen in love with Azealia Banks all over with her latest video single ‘Luxury’.

Where Miss Banks breaks away from the other musician is through her ability to make a dance beat sounds classy without having to tow the line of sing a long simplicity. You can sense she tries to create originality that reflects the true art of what dance music SHOULD be.

The only downfall of ‘Luxury’ is the rap verse. Azealia presented herself to the world in ‘212’ as the ‘girl next door’ who wears Mickey Mouse jumpers and is not afraid to say the rudest word in the English language. After countless beefs, it feels like this ‘Nicky Minaj’ style rap was put into their to play to her attitude driven tweet rants.

I don’t know whether it’s her or the black and white camera that makes her look so glamorous but this is one hell of a track with yet another visual journey that you can’t take your eyes off.


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