Goodwill Angry

Australian DJ/producer Goodwill has upped and walked out of a gig in Brazil at Set Atlantida after a song request from a table service client.

According to Goodwills Facebook omission (found below), a punter in the club "bought 10 bottles of Moet" that for reasons unknown automatically gave him permission for a song request mid set?

Goodwills respone for walking out is as logical as it gets "I am not a jukebox and i won't play a song I have never heard in the middle of my set".

This adds to a string of incidents this year with DJs either being kicked from the decks ala Dennis Ferrer and Mark Farina or the unlikely situation of Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas taking over.

Gone are the days of punters attending clubs to see a special performance from a local DJ or producer or international guest from the other side of the world!

Posting on his Facebook he apologised to fans that had made the journey to see him.

Thanks to all the proper Clubbers who came to Set Atlantida tonight. Sorry I walked out during my set. I am not a jukebox and i won't play a song I have never heard in the middle of my set because some guy bought 10 bottles of Moët. Sorry once again to the amazing people of Brazil who came all the way to see me. I will make it up to you. X

We wait on a comment from Goodwill himself.

Update: Comment from Goodwill while in transit about what went down...

It wasn't the fact that I was asked to play terrible music. Not that I would have played it in any case. It was the fact that I was harassed by the club owner about it only 30 minutes into my DJ set.

If they had warned me before my set that they do that at the club I would have been happy to arrange to stop my set in the middle and have another DJ play the song.

I don't mind clubs that do that. I just don't want to be a part of that culture. I also understand they need to sell bottles of Moet, so perhaps they could set aside a time of night where a DJ can play requests and then leave me alone to play my set that I have been flown to the other side of the world to perform.

I just can't be a part of that Champagne culture where a rich punter who isn't even on the dance floor is requesting inappropriate music to be played at an inappropriate times. It shows a complete lack of respect for the DJ. It also shows a lack of respect to the actual fans of music on the dance floor who were enjoying my set. It is these clubbers that are the reason I DJ. I am very certain they don't want to hear top 40 at random moments in my set.

It was a pretty stressful situation with a very pushy club owner and I was left with no option than to walk out.