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– Do you remember your first gig? where was it and what was it like?

The first ever ever? It wasn’t an electronic gig, I started out as most guys through soul, boogie, disco and rap, reggae. This was before the time of Sharkslayer. I was at a club night of my friends, hanging around, having drinks. One moment my buddy who was deejaying asked me if I could spin for few minutes, as he goes to have a spliff. ‘You know all my records anyway, it’s the same boogie & disco 12″ and LPs as you got’. I said sure, no problem bro. Thing is that he never came back… I ended up spinnin the whole night through with his records. It was exciting although i had to wait for each song to end to start a new one. Still to this day I don’t know what happened, never asked him, didn’t want to spoil the memory of that. Been at it ever since, I still play with decks, but the new Pioneer Nexus looks tempting.

– what do you view as the best moment of your career?

There’s good moment and then there’s bad ones… Hard to pick one particular. Good ones include great parties where the crowd response has been amazing and you know you have done a good job, you feel confident about your own set. Bad moments of course include those when the club has been quite empty or you feel like you could have done better or you got stifted with the money or whatever. Been thrown out from my own club night once, not a very glorified moment… Also working with many different talents has been awesome, I’ve learned a lot from others so a big thank you.

– Which artists have influence your music most?

Well my father was a jazz musician…. Just kidding here. Sharkslayer sound is definitely influenced by old school jackin house, UK hardcore, Detroit and, of course, dancehall. I also always loved ‘real’ electro. If i should name artists I would list Armand Van Helden, Solid Groove, DJ Deeon, Kevin Fischer, Cutty Ranks, DJ Sneak, Marc Houle, Shabba, Buju Banton, Elephant Man, Zed Biad, Frankie Knuckles, Wookie, MJ Cole, Phil Kieran, Cybotron, Paul Johnson, DJ Gant-Man, King Tubby, Mike Dunn, Speedy J, Green Velvet, LFO, Trax Records….

– Which other producers are you into at the mo?

Right now I’ve been digging a lot of techno and bass producers, you know, the sound of now. Names to mention are Astronomar, Funkystepz, The Mane Thing, Clouds, Hydraulix, Dan Oh, Rishi Romero, Jon Convex, Mat Cant, Whole Sick, 5KinAndBone5, Broken Haze, Cosmic Revenge, Bwana, Basto, Loops Of Fury, Wolfhaus, Tuff City Kids, Torro Torro, DJ Venum, Digital Switchover, DJ Manaia, Roby Howler, Moralez, Kepikei, Gingy & Bordello, Julian Jeweil, Reilly Steel, One Dark Martian, Gesaffelstein…..

– Have you ever used your music to seduce a woman?

Ever? Day in day out. I don’t have that handsome guy thing so I have to use other tactics, music being one of the best, if you are passionate about music its shows that you’re a creative and open-minded and women are attracted to that maybe more than to a guy who works at the technical support. But make no mistake, no flowers and promises of love and stuff will make a woman smile like a big paycheck. And DJ’s do get laid tho, it’s no secret.

– What have you got in store for Australia?

Heaps of things, I’m mad happy about being back again as I have nothing but great memories from Australia, got many friends and crowds are always awesome. I love it. I’ll be preparing the sets with the current new dance stuff, lot of my own edits and versions as well as exclusive unreleased tunes from myself and top guys, so definitely something worthwhile to hear. But don’t steal my cartridge and my slipmat just before I’m going on, so I don’t have to play the full set with one deck only like once in Canberra, thanks! Much Love, The Gargoyle Has Landed.


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